Graphical OS X Manual Viewer Released

Stefan Lange-Hegermann has released a graphical viewer for the OS X/Unix manual files that users can find in the OS. manThor provides an easy way to view the "manpages" and learn more about OS Xis Unix underpinnings. According to Stefan Lange-Hegermann:

Stefan Lange-Hegermann today released Version 1.0 of his popular freeware manpage viewer "manThor" for Mac OS X. After three months in the public beta stage the software has now grown up into a full 1.0 release version and is available for download at

"manThor" enables the user to view the famous UNIX manpages without the terminal. The pages can be printed or saved as a PDF file, while manThor is available from inside every other Cocoa application through services to offer a convenient way to access the UNIX documentation when needed.

The sleek interface serves advanced users as well as novices who want to take a look inside the world of UNIX and itis CLI (Command Line Interface). It has been localized for german, english and french languages, while the manpages remain the original english versions that shipped with Mac OS X.

This release also marks the beginning of the development of "manThor II", which will include a whole lot of improvements, like support for apropos and international manpages, as well as a multi document interface.

manThor is available for free. You can find more information at the manThor Web site.