Graphics Enhancements For Photoshop/Illustrator Users

Sapphire Innovations has announced a new set of displacement maps for Photoshop users while also upgrading their popular Sapphire Pack of Illustrator plug-ins. According to Sapphire Innovations:

Sapphire Innovations, today announced iSapphire Displacer 1i.

A huge new collection of displacement maps for Photoshop 5+. 200 excellent new displacement maps to be used for subtle or crazy distortions or painted effects, or to be used in other parts of photoshop as textures or glass distortions and text effects. These displacement maps can also be used be used to great effect in other applications such as Adobe After Effects and Paint shop Pro. The set consists of a wide variety of different displacement maps.

Sapphire Innovations, today announced Sapphire Pack 1.2.2, a powerful new upgrade set of plugins for Illustrator ? 8/9.What is new in version 1.2.2?? Realtime-preview, all the plugins sliders now respond in realtime giving an instant view to the effect, giving even more creative options. Pie slice has been greatly enhanced and comes with a whole new range of effects and path slicing effects. All the plugins now come with a reset feature. 1.2 update featured a huge change to the interfaces and added 100s of new options.

The set is for mac and pc. 11 plugins in all. Each plugin comes with a huge range of options. Each plugin handle selected multiple paths. Also included in the plugin is a set of layer options to allow the pluginis effect to be spread across multiple layers, these layers can then be used in other applications such as Flash(tm). The plugins come with scaling effects; rotation effects so paths can be rotated around a single point or a certain path or the pathis own centre; and displacement effects so the duplication plugin can place a path at increasing distances and accelerating and decelerating distances from the original location in the vertical and horizontal directions. Most of the plugins also have colour change effects so the paths can fade into the background or get darker or lighter, again uniformly or accelerating with maximum and minimum bounce effects.

The following plugins have been included with this set:

  • Duplication plugin
  • Grid plugin
  • Lineup plugin
  • Random Clutter
  • Round Duplication
  • Inset plugin
  • Random colour plugin
  • Star Creator plugin
  • Sharp edge frame tool
  • Spiral plugins tool
  • Pie slice plugin

Sapphire Displacer 1 is available for US$17.50, while The Sapphire Pack for Illustrator is available for US$56.25. You can find more information on both products at the Sapphire Innovations web site.