Graphite Colored Memory? You Betcha'

Graphite-colored memory upgrades for desktop Macs are now available from Mushkin Enhanced Memory Systems. The modules are designed for maximum performance in graphics-oriented applications. According to the company:

A new family of graphite-color CAS2 PC133 and PC100 memory upgrades for Macintosh desktop computers has been introduced, including Cube, G4 and iMac, as well as older Macintosh G3 systems. The family includes densities of 64, 128, 256, and 512MBytes.

Mushkin Enhanced Memory Systems uses the highest-quality DRAM components from companies such as Infineon Technologies, as well as optimized printed circuit boards (PCBs) from other top manufacturers. As a result, Mushkin memory modules exceed manufacturer specifications for superior performance margins and reliable operation. Mushkin also offers small outline memory upgrades for Powerbook, iBook and early iMac systems.

You can find more information about Mushkin Enhanced Memory Systems at the companyis web site.