Green Dragon Calling For Evangelists And Warmongers

Green Dragon Creations has announced a call for title submissions for the upcoming release of a new, yet un-named game. The winner of the contest will be eligible for a free copy of the game at its release and participation in the beta testing phase. According to Green Dragon Creations:

Green Dragon Creations, in preparation for the release of its new game of conflict and evangelism, posted a poll to help decide the gameis name at its Web board.

The game features communist badgers, sheep worshipers, and overzealous inquisitors, among other characters that players can use in their quest for global domination. The game encourages the use of military might, religious fervor, and treacherous espionage to sieze territory and defeat the enemy.

To complement the voting, the person who replies to the poll with the most thoughtful discussion of why they voted the way they did could win a chance to help beta test the game, plus a copy of the gamewhen it ships. The winner need not vote for the winning name.

You can find more information about the title contest at the Green Dragon Creations Web site.