Greenpeace Parody Site Takes On Apple

The environmental activist group Greenpeace seems to be singling out Apple Computer in its campaign to push for computers manufactured without toxic components. Part of that campaign includes a Web site that mimics the style of Appleis site.

Greenpeace uses the site to state that Apple is acting irresponsibly towards the environment, offers unsatisfactory recycling and equipment take-back programs, and is responsible for "cutting lives short by exposing children in China and India to dangerous chemicals."

The Green my Apple site.

The site includes information about the groupis agenda, an Apple commercial parody, contests, and other promotional material. A check through other areas on the Greenpeace site didnit turn up any similar pages for other computer manufacturers.

The organization issued a report in September claiming it conducted a study to determine which laptops are not in compliance with the European Unionis RoHS (restrictions of hazardous substances) directive. The directive is a set of voluntary guidelines that restrict the use of six different hazardous materials in electronic devices like computers, portable music players and cell phones.

The report showed that Apple was in compliance with the RoHS directive, although it did not mention that the companyis products were in compliance months before the restriction guidelines were in place.

Greenpeace cast Apple in a negative light in the report, and rated the company lower than several other computer manufacturers. Iza Kruszewska, an International toxics campaigner for the group, commented "It is disappointing to see Apple ranking so low in the overall guide. They are meant to be world leaders in design and marketing, they should also be world leaders in environmental innovation."

Apple claims on its Web site that it is acting environmentally responsibly, and lists its own manufacturing restrictions.

Representatives from Apple were unavailable for comment.