Griffin, DLO Introduce New iPod shuffle Cases

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Griffin Technology and DLO have introduced the iPod shuffle cases TuneCaps and Action Jacket, respectively. The former, priced at US$14.99 and due to ship in two weeks, lets users carry their iPod shuffles one of three ways: one their wrists; clipped to a belt or other spot; and on a key ring. The package comes with all three caps, each of which attaches to the USB 2.0 port at the end of the MP3 player.

The Action Jacket features a neoprene case attached to a belt clip and armband. Users can clip the $24.99 accessory anywhere or slide the one-size-fits-all band around their arm. The belt clip swivels 180 degrees and the case completely covers the iPod shuffle, except for an opening for the controls. Itis available now.

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