Griffin Offers Direct 10' Guitar-to-Mac Cable

Appleis GarageBand has brought a lot of musicians closer to their Macs, and Griffin Technology has a little help for guitarists wishing to make it a little easier. The company has released its "GarageBand Guitar Cable," a 10i cable with a 1/4" jack on one end for your guitar, and an 1/8" jack on the other end for your Macis audio-in port, which allows you to plug your guitar or bass directly into your Mac. From Griffin:

This high quality magnetically shielded cable (seen below) eliminates the need for additional adapters when plugging a guitar directly into programs like GarageBand, Amplitube or other guitar recording software.

The new Griffin GarageBand Guitar Cable makes using a guitar with GarageBand a snap. GarageBand includes amazing effects and amps built in that can make any electric guitar sound like almost anything. The problem is electric guitars use 1/4" size instrument cables and the Mac input is mini jack headphone size stereo input. The GarageBand Guitar Cable contains both connection types and splits the mono guitar signal into the stereo mini jack - all in one beautiful sturdy 10i cable.

"Griffin has more than a few musicians that work here and they all wanted this cable. Plugging a guitar straight into their Mac had been a real mess of cables and adapters. They wanted one clean solution that combined the adapter and guitar line into one elegant high quality cable. So viola, we made the GarageBand Guitar Cable." Said Paul Griffin, Griffin Technology.

You can find more information on the product at Griffinis Web site. The GarageBand Guitar Cable is priced at US$24.99, and Griffin says it is available immediately.