Griffin Offers New FireWire Audio Cables

Griffin Technology announced late Thursday three new additions to its Clear Choice line of cables.

Included in the new offerings is a 6-foot FireWire 400 connection cable at US$14.99, a 6-foot FireWire 400 extension cable at $14.99 and a Ground Loop isolator cable at $19.99. The new cables eliminate the low, audible hum called a ground loop that often occurs when two pieces of audio equipment are connected together but plugged into separate outlets. The cable stops the hum problem by lifting the power that is circling between the devices and allows only the audio to pass through, the company said.

The new cables connect any FireWire based devices to a computer or each other. The FireWire Extension Cable is especially handy as it can extend the reach of any existing FireWire connection. For example, the cable can extend the reach of an iPod owner?s desktop iPod Dock.

All the cables are available immediately.