Griffin Shipping ProSpeaker-Breakout Cable

Griffin Technology is now shipping the ProSpeaker-Breakout Cable for Mac audiophiles. The ProSpeaker-Breakout Cable is designed for connecting home stereo speakers to a useris Mac, independent of amplifiers. According to Griffin Technology

Now your world-class Mac can use world-class speakers. Griffin Technology proudly introduces the ProSpeaker-Breakout Cable.

This cable allows Mac owners to connect any set of home stereo speakers directly to a PowerMac G4 or LCD iMac. The Mac itself powers the speakers and no additional external amplifier is necessary. This lets you listen to iTunes or movie soundtracks through traditional audiophile quality speakers like Infinity, Boston Acoustics, B&W, JBL, etc. - and not just through typical plastic "computer" speakers.

You can find more information [Link Corrected] about the ProSpeaker-Breakout Cable release at the Griffin Technology Web site. ProSpeaker-Breakout Cable is available for US$25.00.