Griffin Tech And PlasmaDesign Release New Wallpapers For iCurve Users

Griffin Technology and PlasmaDesign have released a new set of wallpapers for dual monitor and iCurve users. The wallpapers are designed for use as the background images on a users system and feature resolutions up to 3360x1200. According to Griffin Technology:

In association with Griffin Technology, the makers of the innovative iCurve, has today released the iiCurve Collectioni of high quality desktop wallpapers. These images are suitable for use on Powerbook/Cinema Display combois with a combined resolution of up to 3360x1200. is the Webis premier site for people who want stylish desktop wallpaper for their Apple Macs. Many of our 100+ high quality images are available at resolutions native to Apple Cinema Displays, 12", 15" & 17" Powerbooks and widescreen iMacs.

In addition, we also cater for users of dual monitor setups and standard 4:3 ratio monitors.

You can find more information about the wallpapers at the PlasmaDesign Web site. Membership to the site is available for US$7.00.