Griffin Tech Shipping PowerPod With Dock-To-FireWire Cable

Griffin Technology is shipping a new version of the PowerPod iPod Auto Charger. The new release features the standard auto charging features, but now includes a FireWire dock cable for extended charge capabilities. According to Griffin Technology:

Griffin Technology Inc, innovator of exciting hardware and software products for the Mac and PC market, today announced that the PowerPod iPod Auto Charger now includes a separate Dock-to-FireWire cable.

Recently redesigned, the Griffin PowerPod is still the only iPod charger fully compatible with both original and new Apple iPods. It also works perfectly with the recently announced iPod mini. The new PowerPod now includes a new ultra-light ultra-flexible 48-inch Dock-to-FireWire cable. In addition to its use as a charger cable, the PowerPodis Dock-to-FireWire cable can be used for normal syncing and docking operation.

You can find more information about the PowerPod iPod Auto Charger at the Griffin Technology Web site. The PowerPod iPod Auto Charger is available for US$24.99.