Griffin Tech Updates Final Vinyl With Waveform Display

Griffin Technology, Inc. has released an update for Final Vinyl, bringing it to version 1.1. Final Vinyl is an audio recording app designed for transferring audio from vinyl records to a users system. The update features the addition of a waveform display and speed enhancements. According to Griffin Technology:

Griffin Technology, Inc. today announced the release of Final Vinyl version 1.1. Final Vinyl software allows the recording of vinyl records using just the Griffin iMic or PowerWave and a turntable.

Final Vinyl 1.1 includes several features and improvements including faster performance, improved reliability, and much lower CPU usage when using EQ. It also includes a complete Waveform display that makes Cue Marking much easier and accurate.

Using Cue Marking, a user can set all the beginning and ending points of songs and have Final Vinyl manage the separation of each song into individual files - ready to burn to a CD. Final Vinyl can also dynamically set and adjust audio levels. This feature ensures that the recording level of the source music is always properly adjusted to its optimum point.

You can find more information about the Final Vinyl update at the Griffin Technology, Inc. Web site. Final Vinyl is available as freeware, and the iMic is available for US$35.00.