Griffin Technology Ships New iTrip For 3rd Generation iPods

Griffin Technology has announced that it is shipping the new version of iTrip for 3rd generation iPods. The iTrip is a device that plugs into your iPod and broadcasts what your iPod is playing to a nearby FM radio. The signal is a low-power, wireless, FM signal that doesnit violate FCC regulations (though it was banned in England earlier this year), and allows you to do use your iPod wirelessly in your car. According to Griffin, the new version of iTrip uses less power, is smaller, and works with Appleis 3rd generation iPods. From Griffin:

Griffin Technology Inc, innovator of exciting hardware and software products for the Mac and PC market, today announced the NEW iTrip FM Transmitter for third generation iPods has begun shipping. Announced this summer, the new iTrip is similar to the Original iTrip and retains its most popular features like unlimited station frequencies and battery-free iPod mating design. The new model improves upon its predecessor with an even sleeker body style, new power saving features and a red LED light to match the new iPods red backlight perfectly.

The iTrip has several ione of a kindi design innovations found nowhere else. Ultra compact in size, the iTrip rests atop the iPod and attaches securely to the headphone jack without any cable mess. The iTrip is controlled by the iPod itself and can broadcast to over 200 possible frequencies on the FM dial. The iTrip also saves batteries – because it doesnit use any. It draws its minimal power directly from the iPod and automatically shuts off after 60 seconds without music. This latest iTrip contains new power saving features that keeps the iTrip in sleep mode until music is actually being played – at which time the iTrip automatically comes on.

Also released today are over 100 new international iTrip frequencies that are compatible with both original and new iTrips. Two new packets of frequencies are available now to download. These include a European iTrip frequency packet that contains both odd and even frequencies from 88.0 to 108.0. The other iTrip packet contains both odd and even frequencies from 76.0 to 90.0. Any iTrip owner can use any of these frequencies by simply dragging and dropping the selected frequencies into their iTrip stations playlist.

Griffin says the response to the new iTrip has been intense, and according to the press release, the company will take a few weeks to catch up on new orders. Otherwise, the unit is available now for US$35. You can find more information on the iTrip at Griffinis Web site.