Griffin Updates iMic Firmware

Griffin has released a firmware update for their USB based audio controller, iMic. iMic gives users precise control over USB based audio output by offering separate controls for bass and treble settings. Griffin has also released a software update for their popular iMate USB to ADB adapter. According to Griffin:

iMic Firmware Update
Griffin Technology, Inc. today released a firmware updater for their popular iMic USB audio recording and playback adapter. The update provides several important features and bug fixes for the iMic. It allows the iMic to be used with an unpowered hub such as the USB connector on a keyboard. It also removes one of the two audio inputs in the Sound Control panel as they behave almost identically under the Mac OS and provides a number of other small bug fixes.

iMic Control Update
Griffin has also released version 1.0 of their iMic Control utility. The utility allows users to control a number of input and output features on the popular iMic such as bass, treble, bass boost, and gain. Version 1.0 has a number of bug fixes and new features:

Bugs corrected:

  • Added a test to avoid problems when more than one iMic is connected.
  • Corrected an issue that could freeze the computer in some cases.
  • Better reliability of the update mechanism.

New features:

  • The control panel is now enabled after an update.
  • iMic Control now keeps iMicis settings when the device is unplugged an replugged (eg. for updating).
  • Made the "Mute" and "Bass Boost" text clickable.

iMate Driver Update
Griffin also posted an update for their popular iMate USB to ADB adapter. Version 2.61 of the driver corrects a bug that could cause some custom ADB drivers to not work correctly after waking from sleep. It also addresses a problem where the CD tray would sometimes eject on certain models during startup.

You can find more information about all of these products at the Griffin Web site.