Group Leads Effort For HyperCard Carbonization

This weekis MUG news is highlight by the HyperCard User Group spearheading an effort to get HyperCard Carbonized for use in the upcoming Mac OS X. HyperCard is enjoying a resurgence of sorts, and seeing the venerable technology ported to OS X would indeed bring a smile to many a long time Mac useris face. According to the MUG Center:

After successfully exhibiting at Macworld Expo in San Francisco, the International Hypercard Users Group is leading an effort to have HyperCard carbonized for MacOS X.

Ringo MUG, Tokyois English-language Macintosh Users Group, will be among those MUGs exhibiting in the Apple User Group Booth at Macworld Tokyo. Their web site has a show floor map and details. Other MUG events include a "Mac Fan" night on Friday, February 23.

Apple Senior Systems Engineer John Cambra scours the Apple Tech Info Library as well as a variety of other sources to create one of the best technical email newsletters around, the Apple Advocate:

  • Topics range from basic tasks to more specialized subjects, but you will learn something in every issue.
  • John has graciously agreed to let any MUG reprint any article published, with two conditions: Complete credit is given to the author or source, whether original content or drawn from another source; That the following be included: "If you would like to be added to The Apple Advocate mailing list just send a note to with the word isubscribei in the subject line.
  • "Recent excellent articles included "How to Use FireWire Target Disk Mode," "File Sharing Over the Internet," and "iDVD 1.0: Questions and Answers."
  • Subscribe to the newsletter using the instructions above, or visit the Apple Advocate, which includes a variety of resources and a discussion forum. Be sure to thank John for his support of the MUG community.

You can find all of the latest Mac User Group information at the MUG Center Web site.