Group Logic Offers Printing Over IP

Group Logic has released a new version of their ExtremeZ-IP file and print serving software. Version 2.0 allows Mac users to send print jobs of standard IP networks, basically eliminating the need for the use of AppleTalk. According to Group Logic:

Group Logic announced today that it has released version 2.0 of its ExtremeZ-IP file and print server software to general availability. ExtremeZ-IP 2.0 includes an optional IP Print Support? feature that allows the Internet Protocol (IP) to be used for all network activity.

A breakthrough for organizations that use the Apple? Macintosh?, IP Print Support is the first product that can eliminate the need for the AppleTalk protocol, offering unprecedented network performance, time savings, and productivity gains for graphic design, prepress, commercial printing, and other print media organizations. IP Print Support provides a comprehensive, exportable log of all print job results, errors, and other critical data, enabling users to document costs, savings opportunities, and equipment needs.

Pricing is based on the number of networked clients. You can find more information at the Group Logic Web site.