Guardian: Apple Must License or Perish

Another mainstream tech columnist has written that Apple must license the iTunes Music Store/iPod, or perish from the wrath of its competitors. A familiar theme that has been echoing through the digital halls of cyberspace since Apple first took command of this space, Jack Schofieldis piece for the Guardian (UK) says what many others have been saying in recent months:

  1. Apple is sitting pretty now with massive profits from the iPod and market share for both the iTMS and iPod that is dominant
  2. Microsoft is coming on strong, and will be able to leverage its traditional strengths and tactics -- learned long ago from developing Windows into the market crusting force it is today -- to beat Apple at its own game.
  3. To stave off this inevitable destruction, Apple needs must adopt Microsoftis own strategy of open licensing.

He concludes by saying:

Apple still has time to license its system, and make companies such as Virgin friends rather than foes. If it doesnit, it is probably just a matter of time before Microsoftis system has enough support to become the de facto standard, just like Windows.

You can read the full editorial at the Guardianis Web site.