Guitar Rig 1.2 Adds More Stomp Boxes

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Native Instruments has released an update for Guitar Rig, the companyis hardware and software combo package for playing and recording a guitar through your Mac. The update, version 1.2, adds new stomp boxes and other features.

Native Instrumentis list of new features:

  • "Fuzz Ace" (fuzz pedal based on Arbiter Fuzz Face)
  • "Big Fuzz" (fuzz pedal based on Electro Harmonix Big Muff)
  • "Cat" (distortion pedal based on ProCo Rat)
  • "Demon Distortion" (distortion pedal based on MXR Dime Distortion)
  • "Gratifier" amp now has 20 dB more gain
  • "Volume Learn" function for automatic input level adjustment
  • faster preset switching
  • now also works as MFX (Music Effect) in AU-compatible host applications
  • more than 50 additional presets which make use of the new components
  • various minor improvements, cosmetic changes and fixes

The update is free to registered users of Guitar Rig, and the full version of the solution is priced at US$499. You can find more information on the product at Native Instrumentis Guitar Rig Web site.

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