HELIOS Announces OS X Support

HELIOS has announced that they will have their line of server products ready for OS X sometime during the Summer of 2001. HELIOS focuses on client/server solutions for pre-press content creation, and the forthcoming updates will support all of OS Xis advanced features. According to HELIOS:

HELIOS Software announced both its server products and client support for Mac OS X. HELIOS expects to ship the updated server software and client support by the time Apple pre-loads Mac OS X onto new Macintosh CPUs.

HELIOSi leading server products now in beta and being demonstrated during CeBIT include EtherShare 2.6, PCShare 3.0, EtherShare OPI 2.1, PDF Handshake including PDF Internet Printing and Print Preview.

The HELIOS Macintosh software programs EtherShare Admin, LANTest, Tagger, and Touch will also be available soon for Mac OS X. HELIOS client software enables users to configure users, groups, volumes, printers, fonts, OPI settings, Spot Colors, and other server settings remotely using a networked CPU running Mac OS X. The HELIOS remote server administration programs fully utilize Mac OS X features including the Aqua GUI, Drag and Drop support to manage, printer queues, move/copy users, ColorSync support for Spot Colors and other server administration tasks.

You can find more information at the HELIOS Web site.