HP Gives PCs a Silver Make-Over, Built-in iPod Dock

While some have speculated whether the Mac mini was originally designed to feature a built-in iPod dock, HP has taken the initiative and packed such a feature on top of its new Media Center m7000 PhotoSmart PC.

The new m7000 PhotoSmart PC is part of a redesigned line of PCs from HP that the company has designed to fit better into other parts of the house, featuring sleek silver and white cases.

"We got a very warm reception for this," Tom Anderson, VP of marketing, global consumer PCs, told CNET. "We didnit do it because Apple did it. We did it because our customers told us that they liked it."

HP said silver-colored accessories and displays will be available to match HPis new look, and over time, HP Pavilion notebooks and printers will also adopt silver cases.