HP Offers 1 Year iPod Warranty [Updated]

HP will be offering a one year warranty on the new Apple iPod from HP, according to sources who have been briefed by HP about the product and the companyis retail marketing strategy. By contrast, Apple offers a 90-day warranty for its iPod, with an additional 1 year of care past the first 90 days available for US$59.

HP introduced the Apple iPod by HP today in a media event to roll out a variety of new consumer electronics devices.

As part of the companyis warranty efforts, HP will also be handling its own iPod support functions for HP customers. HP has set up a training center for its support staff to learn iPod-related support issues. An HP spokesperson told us that the company hopes to be able to leverage its longer history of supporting Windows users than Apple.

To that end, the spokesperson said, HP made minor changes to its iPodis packaging. In keeping with its consumer-friendly approach to computers, HP is including color-coded cables to help its Windows PC users understand what gets plugged into what. The company is also including an installation poster that includes directions for what goes where.

[Update: This story was updated with information provided by an HP spokesperon. - Editor]