HP to Update iPod Line

Saying it will more closely mirror Appleis current line of iPod digital media devices in the future, Hewlett Packard has acknowledged it will soon update its rebranded line of iPods in the very near future.

"Expect us to have, like we did with the original products, a very similar line-up to what Apple has," HPs VP of consumer brand and marketing Siobhan OiConnor told CNET News.com.

HP currently sells only two models of the iPod -- the 20GB and 40GB models.

Ms. OiConnor said that HP is "really pleased with the market share percentages" attained since launching the product, and added that "there was incredible demand for the iPods during the holiday season".

Ms. OiConnor did not reveal what plans the company has to expand the line, but it is thought the iPod mini could be part of the future picture.

HP sold about 321,000 iPods in the fourth quarter, while Apple sold 4.58 million.