HTML Goes Multi-Lingual

A Multilingual HTML editor called Unisite, has been released by MAKI Enterprise, Inc. Unisite allows HTML files to be written in any language, and makes creating a multilingual web site easy. According to the company:

Many other HTML editors or web page building applications do not allow multiple languages. Unisite can handle multilingual HTML documents and Unicode. You can make multilingual web sites easily and correctly. It will help your internet business, language education, or studying. Even your shopping site will be able to use multiple languages in the same page; Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, etc.

Unisite features:

  • Automatic language selection. Just drag and drop text into Unisite window, and the HTML file will be multilingual. If any single language is used, Unisite will automatically select the most appropriate encoding.
  • Multilingual Search feature. It is the most powerful high-end word processor or editor; you can find any language on Unisite.
  • Text Clip is available and works like a template to handle the set of HTML tags fast and easy. Of course multiple languages are available on Text Clip.
  • Many functions for Unicode editing, including; compulsory Unicode conversion, Unicode paste, language conversion etc.
  • Works with web browsers. You can always check out your document on a Web browser with a single click.

You can find more information on the product at the companyis web site.