Haddad's Corporate Anti-Mac Conspiracy Theory

Why are Macs shunned by corporate IT managers? Business Weekis Charles Haddad asked that question in a recent article, titled iAn Anti-Mac Corporate Conspiracy?i, and proceeds to give us his thoughts on the subject. Mr. Haddadis article opens thusly:

Hereis an interesting theory. Corporate information-technology managers favor PCs because these machines are so befuddling. The rising complexity of workplace computing makes big companies ever more dependent on tech support, so what self-respecting chief information officer is going to recommend a computer -- such as the Mac -- that might shrink rather than expand his departmentis influence? Macs generally require less support than PCs and are thus cheaper and easier to run and maintain. So perhaps the PCis dominance of the workplace is about power -- not money.

Thatis quite an insight. Too bad I canit take credit for it. This little pearl of wisdom comes from Greg Yurash, Web-content engineer at Associated Productions in Sunnyvale, Calif. "Businesses rely on people with the least incentive to give economical recommendations for advice on computer buying," he points out.

Mr. Haddad goes on to point out how this theory may not be so farfetched. After highlighting stories where Macs do enjoy corporate sponsorship, though not necessarily with corporate blessings, Mr. Haddad concludes:

While encouraging, these stories havenit shaken my belief that most big companies arenit interested in the Mac and never will be. Why else would IT managers and tech workers be afraid to speak on the record about their Mac leanings? No, I think Yurash has it about right. Many IT managers favor befuddled users who are dependent on them. Itis only human nature, after all.

Drop by Charles Haddadis iByte of the Applei column and have a read, then tell us what you think.