Hand Held Messaging Templates From Electric Pocket

Electric Pocket Limited is now shipping BugMe! Office for Palm OS hand held computers. BugMe! Office is a set of hand held note templates designed for sending reminders or memos via infrared beaming. Messages can also be set to a timed alarm for an audible reminder. According to Electric Pocket Limited:

Electric Pocket Limited today announces BugMe! Office, a new version of its popular BugMe! application that includes a series of stationery templates enabling mobile professionals to easily enhance the style and impact of their handwritten notes and reminders.

BugMe! Office provides users with a set of 50 templates that can be easily selected as the starting point for a note or a reminder. The templates help the user clarify the purpose of the note and add important visual impact to notes shared among colleagues.

Examples of the BugMe! Office templates include a notepad for jotting down phone messages, a graph for plotting weekly activities and a note emblazoned with the word "URGENT" to ensure priority attention.

Once the template is selected and the note is handwritten directly on the screen of the device, the user can set a timed alarm that will emit a beep and display the correct message. Users can easily share their notes with co-workers by using the Palm OS infrared beaming facility.

You can find more information about BugMe! Office at the electric Pocket Limited Web site. BugMe! Office is available for US$29.95.