Handheld Organization App From Bachmann Released At Comdex

Bachmann Software has released a new version of FilePoint, bringing it to version 2.0. FilePoint is file organizing app designed to work on Palm and Handspring handheld computers. The new version has an improved folder management system and other enhancements. According to Bachmann Software:

Today at COMDEX, Bachmann Software announces the release of FilePoint(tm) 2.0, extending the applicationis ability to manage Palm OS files on the external memory cards of both Handspring and Sony CLIE model handheld computers. By building on FilePointis seamless ability to organize data on Palm brand handhelds, this combination launcher and file manager introduces a familiar user interface to handheld users, akin to what theyire accustomed to at their desktop.

FilePointis sophisticated folder management system has been improved to allow users to expand and collapse the folder tree, as well as rename folders. Other enhancements to FilePoint 2.0 include dramatically faster program load time, and improved memory management tools, including a warning that alerts users to low memory on RAM.

You can find more information about FilePoint at the Bachmann Software Web site. FilePoint 2.0 is available for US$19.95.