Handspring Offers Wireless Photo Messaging For Handhelds

Handspring has announced new functionality for its Palm-based handheld computers. The company has just added the offer of wireless photo messaging with an eyemodule camera. According to Handspring:

Consumers can capture, edit and send photographs wirelessly from a single handheld device. People can capture digital photographs directly on a Handspring Visor handheld computer with an IDEO eyemodule-series camera module that snaps into the Handspring Visoris Springboard expansion slot. Now, with Electric Pocketis BugMe! Messenger application, people can write captions directly on their digital photographs and email them wirelessly to their friends, family or co-workers using any Springboard module that is a modem, such as VisorPhone, and the OmniSky and GoAmerica wireless modems. This capability opens up an exciting new range of personal and professional uses for Palm Powered computers.

BugMe! Messenger is a wireless email application that enables users to send handwritten, text or graphic notes to and from any wireless Palm compatible handheld. By adding an IDEO eyemodule-series digital camera and BugMe! Messenger to a Handspring Visor handheld computer, users can capture a digital photograph, handwrite a caption directly on the image, and wirelessly e-mail it to friends, family or colleagues. The photographs can be taken directly within the BugMe! Messenger application, or the image files can be imported from the eyemodule camerais database. By simply interchanging the eyemodule camera for a VisorPhone module, the photo can be instantly emailed directly from the device.

The ability to handwrite notes directly on the images enables users to personalize their photographs for each recipient. Users of Electric Pocketis BugMe! application have long enjoyed the ability to scribble notes to themselves directly on the screens of their Palm compatible devices. Now these users can write notes directly on their digital photographs and, in effect, create and send electronic post cards to friends and family.

BugMe! Messenger requires a Visor Prism, Visor Platinum or Visor Edge handheld equipped with wireless data capabilities, such as the VisorPhone Springboard module and data service.

The BugMe! Messenger is available for US$39.95 (a free e-mail address included) and you can find more information about it at BugMe.net