Handspring VisorPhone Gains SprintPCS Compatibility

AirPrime and Sprint PCS have announced their successfull testing of a CDMA Handspring Springboard Module for the Visor. Also in Handspring news, Portable Innovation Technology has released removable storage for the Handspring Visor. According to all companies:

AirPrime today announced that it has successfully completed field testing approvals for its 3G (Third-Generation packet-switching technology) cdma2000 1x-ready wireless voice/data module for the Handspring Visor family of handheld computers. The tests were made in cooperation with Sprint PCS, at its Systems Test and Integration Center in Lenexa, Kansas.

AirPrimeis Springboard module, the SB3000, incorporates QUALCOMMis newest MSM5105 integrated circuit and system software, which sampled in December of last year. The MSM5105 solution supports 3G cdma2000 1x data rates of 144 kbps and is backward compatible with IS-95A/B at data rates of 14.4/64 kbps today. When wireless carriers upgrade their networks, beginning in early 2002, data rates of 144 kbps are expected to become available. Because the SB3000 incorporates 3G 1x chip technology, people will be able to gracefully transition to higher wireless data speeds on their Handspring Visor and enjoy a rich wireless Internet browsing experience without having to purchase additional hardware.

A live demonstration of the SB3000-equipped Handspring Visor will be on display at the AirPrime booth (#7949) during the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) show, March 20-22 at the Las Vegas Sands Expoand Convention Center. The live demonstration will be conducted using the Sprint PCS nationwide wireless network.

The completion of the tests is a significant milestone and positions AirPrime as one the first companies to supply a 3G 1x-capable wireless data module to the OEM computing market. AirPrimeis focus on CDMA-based technology allows it to rapidly innovate and help its OEM customers reach the market in less time. AirPrime will provide SB3000 modules to its lead OEM partners for evaluation and application development during Q2, 2001. The modules will be branded and sold by AirPrimeis OEM customers.

CDMA is the fastest growing and most popular wireless air interface in North America. Current IS95A networks support 14.4 kbps while IS95B networks in Asia support 64 kbps. Future deployments of CDMA 3G technology (cdma2000 1x, cdma2000 1xEV) will support data speeds from 144 kbps to 2.4 Mbps. Analysts expect that wireless data subscribers will surpass one billion by 2005 as the world continues to migrate toward 3G technology.

Removable storage for Handspring Visor

Portable Innovation Technology today announced the release of the MemPlug SmartMedia Adaptor, a Springboard module for the Handspring Visor that provides easy access to unlimited storage on SmartMedia cards. The MemPlug SmartMedia Adaptor is the first Portable Innovation Technology product that allows people to leverage standard SmartMedia removable storage for the Handspring Visor.

MemPlug SmartMedia Adaptor The MemPlug SmartMedia Adaptor Springboard module includes five self-installing applications, a document reader and a desktop software that take full advantage of the Springboard expansion technology and the SmartMedia memory technology:

  • PiMover: Complete file management for the removable SmartMedia card as well as internal memory. Create up to 25 levels of sub-directories on the SmartMedia card.
  • PiBackup: Simple, one tap backup of the entire Visor handheld memory onto the removable SmartMedia card.
  • PiViewer: Direct decoding and viewing of JPEG images from removable SmartMedia cards in 16-bit color or 16 grey scale display.
  • PiPrefs: Quick formatting of SmartMedia cards and manages other preferences.
  • CSpotRun: A modified version of the free reader for documents in the popular Palm Doc format. The reader can access document files stored on the SmartMedia Card. The application can be downloaded from the Web.

The MemPlug module is available for US$49.95. You can find more information at Portable Innovation Technologyis site.