Hangman Gets Educational

Fast Rabbit Software has updated their version of the classic game, Teacheris Favorite Hangman, to version 2.1. TF Hangman allows users to set the words and phrases used in the game, allowing students to learn important words in a fun environment. According to Fast Rabbit Software:

Now used in homes and classrooms in over half the states. Teacheris, parents, and tutors like Teacheris Favorite Hangman because unlike other hangman style games this one helps students learn spelling AND definitions. It also allows them to make their own custom dictionary files so that students study the terms that they need to learn. Students like it because of the bright colorful graphics and text to speech.

Whatis new in version 2.1? The "Correct Answer Is" and "You Win!" dialog displays have been updated to match the main game window more closely. The .hmd file extension is no longer automatically added when new dictionary files are created. The extension is only needed if the dictionary file will b e used with the Windows version of TFHangman. The SampleDictionary file has also been updated.

Teacheris Favorite Hangman is available for US$19.95. You can find more information at the Fast Rabbit Software Web site.