Happy Birthday To...Ooops

I received several e-mails reminding us that yesterday was the birthday of Mac OS X. It was three years ago yesterday, the 24th, that Apple released Mac OS X 10.0, and a new era for the Mac platform was born. I apologize for missing it, and promise to add it to iCal in time for next year.

Of course, not everyone is happy with Mac OS X. Some folks wrote in to note that some developers have left the Mac platform in the last three years, while major Mac developers like Adobe have ceased development of specific Mac apps.

In my opinion, this is more than countered by the many hundreds of new developers that have come to the platform, but you canit make everyone happy.

On the other hand, I also got some happy letters asking (rhetorically, assumedly) if we remembered what it was like before Mac OS X. Well, I do, and though the Classic Mac OS was a great OS in its day (in my never humble opinion), Mac OS X is truly the Texas Hold iEm of operating systems. (That, BTW, is a somewhat vague reference, especially if you donit play poker, but Iill send a "...because Windows sucks" TMO shirt to the first person to post its meaning in the comments below*.)

Heck, Iim happy! In fact, everyone at TMO is happy, and thatis what counts! Mac OS X has been the best thing to hit the Mac since, well, the Mac. So, happy birthday, Mac OS X! Thanks for the best three years of computing weive ever had.


* The "right" answer is the answer I consider to be right, and we reserve the right to decide the winner in any way we choose. Iill post a comment letting the person who won know, and that person should then send me an e-mail.