Have A Nice Play-Smiley's Challenge 1.0 Released From MacMuse

MacMuse Software has released a new game aimed at students, Smileyis Challenge 1.0. Smileyis Challenge is a strategy based game where the object is to either Find or Capture the Smiley namesake. According to MacMuse Software:

MacMuse Software, Shareware for Education, announces the release of Smiley’s Challenge 1.0.

Smileyis Challenge 1.0 ...is an easy to learn, fun game for students and adults.

Game 1 is called Find Smiley. The player must click on blocks in a grid to find Smiley using clues provided by colored lights. The player must, however, avoid the Badees which increase in number with each round. Bonus blocks can multiply your score. Students will learn to read clues and to ‘half’ a row in order to find the target as quickly as possible.

Game 2 is called Capture Smiley. The player clicks on blocks in the grid to trap Smiley. The player may select either single click or auto-move mode for a fast paced game. A high scores list is available so players can try to beat their best scores.

You can find more information about the Simleyis Challenge release at the MacMuse Software Web site. All registered users of other MacMuse software receive the game free, while the rest of the public can play for US$7.00.