Have An Apple Wishlist? MacWishes Will Help You Out

MacWishes, a Web site dedicated to providing Apple with customer feedback, has launched. Mac users that have a "wish" for Apple can send them to MacWishes, and each month the site will send your comments off to Apple Computer. According to MacWishes:

My name is Scott Richardson, founder and owner of Macwishes.com I am writing to announce that we are now online, and would like to tell of your readers about our online product, which is free.

We are the only site where people can submit a mac-wish or idea, we place the wish on the web site, and once a month, collate all the wishes and send them directly to Apple, making sure they really hear what the users have to day.

It is an innovative and sure-fire way to get your voice across to Apple.

You can find links to Mac news and commentary, as well as post your wishes for Apple, at the MacWishes Web site.