Hawk II Barcode Reader Now Shipping

Barcode Readers.com is shipping a new barcode reader for Mac users, the Hawk II USB Barcode Reader. The Hawk II is a cross-platform barcode scanning device. The device ships with plug-and-play support and reads all standard barcode symbologies. According to Barcode Readers.com:

Barcode Readers.com announce the shipping of the Hawk II USB Barcode Reader for PDF417, RSS, and standard 1D barcode symbologies.

Hawk II USB barcode readers are plug and play compatible with Mac OS, Mac OSX and Windows. They have been reengineered to plug straight into both PCis and Macintoshes with no setup required. They require no drivers and will scan barcodes as text into any application.

The Hawk II USB barcode reader can:

  • Scan seamlessly into any application including Filemaker, 4D and Access
  • Read all standard barcode types including Code 128, Code 39, EAN 13 and UPC
  • Read PDF417 and RSS 2D barcode symbologies
  • Be programmed using the included instruction manual with features such as a custom end of scan character

You can find more information about the Hawk II release at the Barcode Readers.com Web site. The Hawk II USB Barcode Reader is available for US$477.00.