Haxial Shipping New Mathematical Calculator

Haxial has released a new app for Mac users, Haxial Calculator. Haxial Calculator is a calculator utility designed as a mathematical assistant. The app ships with support for infix expression evaluation and large problem solving via worksheets. According to Haxial:

Haxial is pleased to announce the release of Haxial Calculator 1.0.

This is no ordinary calculator. Haxial Calculator is a high precision mathematical assistant that evaluates normal (infix) expressions to practically any accuracy. Results can be viewed in normal, fraction or scientific forms and the option of working in a different radix no longer restricts you to the decimal system.

Worksheets enable you to solve larger problems in a more suited environment as well as allowing you to save your work. In addition Haxial Calculator incorporates unit and radix conversion utilities for your convenience as well as complete support for variables.

Other calculator programs blindly attempt to copy physical hand-held calculators by displaying buttons on the computer screen, and an appearance and function that closely mimics a hand-held calculator. At Haxial, we believe this approach is fundamentally flawed.

A computer is a far more powerful device than a hand-held calculator, and thus it is illogical and limiting to duplicate hand-held calculators on a computer. Haxial Calculator allows you to freely type expressions in a form natural to humans and much more suited when using a computer keyboard.

You can find more information about the Haxial Calculator release at the Haxial Web site. Haxial Calculator is available for US$15.00.