Heading To MACWORLD? Get Your SETI@home Stats On Your Palm

As Team Mac Observer members know, you simply canit have enough SETI@home information at your finger tips. Perhaps that is true only for information junkies, but in any event, bAnywhere.com has released a utility called BaAlien that can grab your SETI@home data from a connected Palm. According to bAnywhere.com:

My company, bAnywhere.com, has developed a free application called BaAlien that allows users to access SETI processing statistics or a SETI@home users personal statistics from any wireless enabled Palm computer.

We have distributed the application to most of the Palm Organizer software archives on the net and it is available on our site.

The application has been awarded the highest ratings by Palm.net and Tucows.com and is becoming fairly popular. If you own a Palm V or VII we hope you find the application useful.

bAnywhere has a number of very cool Palm utilities, and you can find more information on all of them at their site.