HealthEngage Diet & Fitness Added To Health Tracking Line

FireLogic, Inc. has released a Diet & Fitness version of HealthEngage 3.0. HealthEngage is a personal medical app designed for the tracking and evaluation of a patients medical information. The Diet & Fitness version features an expansive USDA database with caloric burn rates and auto alerts. According to FireLogic:

FireLogic, Inc. today released a Diet & Fitness version of its HealthEngage software system for MacOS X joining versions for Diabetes, Asthma, and HIV/AIDS.

HealthEngage Diet & Fitness allows users to make daily exercise, diet, and wellness management easy and convenient. By creating a specially optimized version of its software for Mac OS X, the company hopes to ensure that Apple CEO Steve Jobsi concept of the "digital hub" will expand beyond audio and video.

HealthEngage Diet & Fitness lets users plan your meals from over 6,700 foods in the USDA database. It also lets users choose daily activities and exercises, with pre-calculated calorie burn rates, from over 650 activities from the Sports Medicine Association of America.

Users can set reminders about upcoming tests, supplies reorder or a doctor appointment by setting up an alert. HealthEngage Diet & Fitness will alert you as soon as you log into the application. Users can enter their complete laboratory test results, inoculations, and medications, which can be kept as their personal digital health record (common blood test and cholesterol templates are included).

You can find more information about the HealthEngage Diet & Fitness release at the HealthEngage homepage. HealthEngage Diet & Fitness is available starting at US$59.00.