Hear The Henna Gaijin & Other Tokyo Expo Attendees On Tonight's Mac Show

Itis another Wednesday, and that means itis time for another Mac Show. The Mac Show is a weekly QuickTime Streaming broadcast about all things Mac. This weekis show features two guests who attended MACWORLD Tokyo, Dennis Sellers of MacCentral and the Henna Gaijin, whose excellent series we have been mirroring at The Mac Observer. Peter Cohen of MacCentral, as well as the Editor-in-Chief of ZCast.TV will also be in attendance. According to The Mac Show:

MACWORLD Expo Tokyo has wrapped up for another year and The Mac Show is the only place you can hear from people who were actually there!

Dennis Sellers of MacCentralis Reporteris Notebook and Lynn Fredericks, the "Henna Gaijin", will be on the show talking about their Expo experiences.

There is a new streaming media station on the air - ZCast.TV. John Dodge is the Editor in Chief and heill be on The Mac Show talking about Apple, Macs in business and OS X.

How much do you know about AppleScript? Apple has this amazing technology that not enough people know about so The Mac Show is going to try to fix that by talking to Bill Briggs on the Tech Tips segment, sponsored by Tech Tool Pro 3.

Peter Cohen of MacCentral will have all the Game News and Mark Stevens will have another segment of Mac Media Pro. And, as always, they have lots of other swag to give away - along with Podium Coolpads, "Down & Dirty Photoshop 6 Tricks" by Scott Kelby and t-shirts from MacSupport.About.com theyill play another game of "Whatis My Product?"!

The Mac Show will also award a 128 MB RAM chip from NewerRAM.com, a complete Mac Game Pack from G.O.D.Games.com and, someone will get their name, face and profile in the upcoming release of Tropico! Ever wanted to be a dictator?

Make sure you tune in this and every Wednesday evening from 6-8pm PT, 9-11pm ET, for the most fun youill have listening to your Mac! And join in the Chat Rooms on the World Without Borders site at http://www.wwbchat.com or on the dal.net servers on IRC in the #macshowlive Channel.

You can tune into the Mac Show tonight at 8:00 PM CST (6:00 PM PST). The Mac Show also offers archived shows from past broadcasts.