Heavy Metal FAKK2 Demo released

Heavy Metal FAKK2 for Mac has recently been released, and now today the demo has also made its appearance. This Quake 3 engine game is stunning in its visual environements, and the combat system is interesting to say the least.

You play Julie Strain, a buxom brunett with an attitude, who must save the world of Eden, home of the waters of Eden, the fountain of youth. The evil Sith are out to destroy your peaceful little paradise world and begin a full on assault. All your freinds are either taken or dead, so the task of annihilating the enemy falls into your hands.

Fight one handed with sword, pistol, uzi, or two handed with a huge axe, a chainsaw sword, or any number of flame throwers and equally nasty equipment. Defend yourself with a shield, then combine that with a thrust/parry and you become a deadly tool against evil. Use a sword in one hand and an uzi in the other for some very interesting combois. Donit let the enemy get too close though. Without a shield your vulnerable.

Contraband Entertainment ported the title with the assistence of Ritual Entertainment.

You can get the demo here: http://www.macgamefiles.com/detail.taf?item=14540