Help Decide The Next U.S. President...Well, Not Really

Are you finding this president thing as ridiculous as we are? Have heart, you are not alone. Monkey Byte Development is giving users a chance to take a shot at the Presidential Slot Machine, and in doing so when themselves a free copy of the game Galactic Patrol. According to Monkey Byte:

Monkey Byte Development is proud to offer everyone in the world a chance to help elect the next President of the United States!

Using our state of the art myMonkey Presidential Slot Challenge, citizens everywhere can try their luck on the myMonkey slot machine. If any of the three presidential candidates (Bush, Gore, or myMonkey) line up, Monkey Byte Development will reward the spinner with a FREE registration code for Galactic Patrol!

Thatis right, not only do you get to (randomly) cast a vote for the next President of the United States but Monkey Byte Development will reward you with a FREE registered game for doing so!

Donit delay, try your luck before the race is decided!

You can take you chance at the Presidential Slot Machine at the Monkey Byte Development web site.