Help Extend The Life Of Old Computers

Have you ever wondered why you need OS 8.1, 120Mhz processor, and 48 MB or RAM to run the latest version of Microsoft Word? Somebody has, and that is why Teresa Knezek has started a petition encouraging companies to release old versions of software, allowing people to squeeze more life out of antiquated systems. Observer Chris Lawson brought the Abandonware petition to our attention, and had this to say:

I donit think this has gotten much publicity lately, but itis a very worthwhile cause and could use a mention on the major Mac news sites. Teresa Knezek has put together a petition asking software companies to release their old, obsolete versions of software to the general public in order to enable people to keep using older computers. The petition can be found at Right now it has about 1300 signatures; I would say at least 3000 or more would be needed to get the attention of most major software developers.

You can sign the petition and find more information at the petitionis web site.