Help Make Your Mac More Secure

Freaks Macintosh Archives has posted a series of files dedicated to helping users have a more secure computing environment. Hacking has never been as large a problem for Mac users as it has for the rest of the computer using world, but that is changing. By taking steps to make sure your system is secure, you can avoid potential problems down the road. According to Freaks Macintosh Archives:

Hello everyone, my name is Freaky! I run one of the largest Macintosh hacking sites on the net for over 3 years. Freaks Macintosh Archives is linked from and many other sites. Hacking has been an issue for the MacOS and so has security. By you posting these security/hacking tools you are supporting the MacOS as a security platform.

Sure some of the files on Freaks Mac Archives are just hacking related, but these hacking tools are really security tools. There are only few security software products for the MacOS. So anyone can use these files to secure their OS before the malicious hackers get to it.

Below are a few new files added to Freaks Macintosh Archives the 9th.

MacDiary Password
MacDiary is a shareware application that can be found on This is a virtual diary for your Macintosh. Like any diary you want to keep it secure, and you donit want others reading it. With the file MacDiaryPass this lets you have access to the Diary file without a password. Tested on version 1.1

Backing up your Dreamcast Games on the Mac
Backing up data is becoming more and more crucial in todays computer world. Your Macintosh CD-ROMis arnit the only thing you can backup. Wear and tear on Sega Dreamcast games happen too. Donit be lost $45.00 because of a little scratch on your Dreamcast games. Back them up.

MasterKey very simply put is a Excel password recovery utility. This program is a demo and can be upgraded. Everyone loses their password sometime, donit be stuck without access to that important Excel file.

Security Auditing Tools for the Macintosh
Security is becoming more and more of an issue. Many security auditing applications are being ported for the MacOS. The program X6Exploit will test for a bug commonly found in XWindows and demonstrate if the version is vulnerable so you may upgrade to a newer version.

You can find more information on these programs, along with a wealth of Macintosh hacking/security news, at Freaks Macintosh Archives Web site.