Help TMO Grow: Buy Our New Super Cool? Matrix-esque T-Shirt

Just in time for the release of the new Matrix movie, Matrix Revolutions, we have our newest TMO T-shirt, which was inspired by imagery from the movie. Designed for TMO by Raena Armitage, the new shirt is a long-sleeve masterpiece that allows you to show off your Mac pride, while looking cool. Better yet, thereis a subliminal Mac message for all the people who think your shirt is merely Matrix-cool.

The best thing about the new shirt is that buying it helps TMO grow. So, buy the shirt, support TMO, and look cool, all in one fell swoop for US$16.95; and, if youill take a picture of your TMO shirt out in public, you might even get a free TMO coffee mug!

Youill get your cool Mac shirts here from now on

Design close-up
(Click the image for a larger version)