Henrico School District Superintendent & Stan Flack On The Mac Show

Tonightis Mac Show will feature the man responsible for purchasing 23,000 iBooks, Superintendent for the Henrico School District, Dr. Mark Edwards. Henrico County made news last week when Apple announced that the school district had purchased 23,000 of the new iBooks for their teachers and students to use. Also featured on tonightis show is Stan Flack, discussing his new Macintosh Web site, MacMinute. According to the Mac Show:

Dr Mark Edwards is The Mac Showis Featured Guest this Wednesday evening. Dr Edwards is the School Superintendent for the Henrico School District and the man lucky enough to sign the purchase order for 23,000 new iBooks!

A voice from the past will also be on The Mac Show this evening - Stan Flack will be on the show to talk about his latest Mac Web venture, MacMinute.com.

The Mac Show continues the cavalcade of great guests with Peter Cohen. Peteis guest will be Michel Kripalani of Presto Studios and the Executive Producer of the soon-to-be-smash hit, MystIII: Exile!

Mark Stevens will be on Mac Media Pro, Ron Fairbairn is back with Mac Basics and there will be another segment of Tech Tips, sponsored by Micromatis Tech Tool Pro 3.

You can tune into the Mac Show every Wednesday evening from 9-11:000PM EST.