Herald Sun Heaps Praise on Apple, iPod

Australian newspaper the Herald Sun has published a very positive look at the iPod phenomenon. The paper heaps praise on Apple, Steve Jobs, the iPod, and the iTunes Music Store, including positive words from analysts and competitors alike. From the article:

If ever a single device has had an impact on the mindset of consumers way beyond its actual size, it is Appleis iPod.

Barely larger than a deck of cards, the beautifully designed, deceptively simple digital audio player has redefined the notion of listening to music on the move.

It is the Walkman of the 21st century.


But the iPod is much more than just another hi-tech gadget. It is arguably the most desired object of its type on the planet.

The article also includes comments from a Creative Labs executive who offers praise to Appleis success. From the article:

Creative Labs marketing manager Nick Angelucci pays tribute to Appleis marketing savvy in opening a doorway for digital music to the masses. "I applaud them. If I had that sort of money for marketing, I would be doing the same thing."


"I remember when we started we were laughed at. I have to give Apple credit for softening the market up," he says. "What iPod has done is given us a whole other market. They may not be tech-savvy or know much about computers, but they have fallen in love with the marketing and think itis trendy. You get this blind devotion. I am surprised at how far people will go to buy an iPod without doing any homework."

Thereis more about the iPod and its success, including the success of the iTunes Music Store, in the full article at the Herald Sunis Web site. We recommend it as a very interesting read.