Herbie Hancock Is All Mac

While watching TechTVis AudioFile on Monday night, we saw a segment on Herbie Hancock. It included excerpts from an interview with Mr. Hancock, information about his career, his beginnings, and his stint with Miles Davis. It also included a tour of Mr. Hancockis studio. Thatis where our Mac sighting comes in; Mr. Hancock was showing the camera around to the various parts of his digital studio when he came to a laptop and said "thatis my old Pismo." We were, of course, looking at Apple previous generation PowerBook.

A bit later we found Mr. Hancock bending over to play a piano keyboard, and sitting below the instrumentis keyboard was an Apple USB keyboard. The imagery was certainly poignant, and though nothing much was said about it, we definitely noticed it. Even better, TechTV says that the piano fiend is an all-Mac kind of guy. From TechTVis online article for this piece:

The musician is a self-proclaimed geek, AudioFile found out after spending two hours with him at his state-of-the-art home studio in West Hollywood. Hancock took us on a tour of his high tech pad, littered with computers (all Macs), hard drives, mixers, keyboards, samplers, speakers, amps, pedals. You name it, Hancockis got it: new gear, old gear, gear in desperate need of repair. Hancock loves his toys, and thereis nothing he loves more than showing them off.

You can check out Herbie Hancockis Web site for more information about him and his career. You can also read the TechTV article (linked below) for more on the article. If you have a Mac sighting, let us know.