He's Baaaack: Woz To Chat At MacHack Conference

MacHack organizers have announced that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will make a special appearance at next monthis MacHack conference. Set to host a "fireside chat" presentation, Woz is sure to inform and entertain his fellow coders and innovators. According to MacHack organizers:

In 1997, Steve "Woz" Wozniak made MacHack history as conference keynote. He wowed the audience with tales from "the land before Apple" and phone-phreaking as well as his more modern activities and efforts with computer education and charitable activities.

The MacHack audience loved it. The keynote that began shortly after midnight broke for breakfast and began a conference that became legend. As with all good legends, a retelling was offered. Woz promised to return.

Now, the year is 2001, a year as steeped in lore as the fateful 1984. This is also the year of the promised return to MacHack. Following in the tradition of MacHack 2000 and John Warnockis Thursday night second MacHack keynote, Steve Wozniak returns to Dearborn for a fireside chat.

Thursday night, June 21, Steve Wozniak will lead a casual group event (at least as casual as any 400 attendee event can be) where he will not only reminisce, but also muse on the future, all with his classic wit and comfortable style.

"Woz embodies the spirit of MacHack," said John Penn, conference chair. "From his earliest hardware hacks to his social engineering, Woz has inspired the current generation of developers. His work with kids and education promises that his influence will spread into new developers for years to come."

Steve Wozniak has been featured in countless computer industry documentaries and profiled on A&Eis;Biography. He has been portrayed in TNTis feature The Pirates of Silicon Valley. The real, Woz, though, makes very few public appearances and this is a unique opportunity to meet the engineering talent that helped give rise to the early Apple Computer, Inc. A wealth of information on Woz and his personal, casual musings can be found at his personal website http://www.woz.org.

This yearis MacHack conference will take place June 21-23 in Dearborn, Michigan. You can find more information at the MacHack Web site.