"Heyyyy": The Fontz Gets An Update

ToThePoint Software has released an update for The Fontz X, bringing it to version 3.4.5. The Fontz is a utility designed for font viewing and management. The update features several uninstalled font enhancements including nested font display. According to ToThePoint Software:

ToThePoint Software Product Update, The Fontz X Version: 3.5.4.

The Fontz is a versatile font utility that allows you to browse installed and uninstalled fonts, see what they look like at different type sizes, styles and colors, and even group them in like categories using a "wysiwyg" group editor. For fast and easy browsing run either a manual or an automatic font slide show where you can change size, color, style, and even the display text while the slide show is still in progress.

New in this version:

  • preferences option to display fonts in nested folders when listing uninstalled fonts
  • properly ignores non-font files when listing uninstalled fonts
  • added button to choose uninstalled fonts folder on Fontz Viewer window

You can find more information about The Fontz X update at the ToThePoint Software Web site. The Fontz X is available shareware for US$10.00.