Hi-Voltage Releases New Distance Calculator For FileMaker

Hi-Voltage is shipping a new plug-in for FileMaker users, LatitudeZERO. LatitudeZERO is a FM plug-in designed for calculating distances between latitude/longitude points. The app features support for distances between ZIP codes and other coordinates, and can calculate various distance measurements like nautical miles. According to Hi-Voltage:

Hi-Voltage, Melbourne Australia, has announced the release of LatitudeZERO, their latest FileMaker Pro plug-in.

The plug-in brings the geographical world to FileMaker’s fingertips by introducing new functions pertaining to latitude and longitude coordinates.

Use LatitudeZERO to:

  • Calculate the distance between ZIP codes – (requires ZIP code data with coordinates)
  • Calculate the distance between coordinates – (anywhere in the world)
  • Return results in miles, kilometers or nautical miles
  • Determine whether coordinates are within or outside a specified radius
  • Convert distances from one unit of measure to another
  • Allocate Sales Reps / Agents that live within a certain radius
  • Sort records by distance
  • … and more!

You can find more information about the LatitudeZERO release at the Hi-Voltage Web site. LatitudeZERO is available for US$98.00.