Hiawatha Bray Explains Chip Cooling

Appleis latest crop of G5 Power Macs are hot, in more ways than one. For one thing, they are the fastest Macs on the planet, making them a must-have hot item for anyone needing the latest and greatest. The new machines also run hotter than their predecessors, require a novel approach to keeping the processors chilled, liquid cooling. Boston columnist Hiawatha Bray takes a look at the cooling technique in his latest article for the Boston Globe (via the International Herald Tribune). From the article:

Liquid cooling isnit a feature youill find on many computers, but Apple likes to stay out front. Indeed, the company is touting its new liquid-cooled machine as an engineering triumph. Perhaps it is, but it is one born of necessity. The dual microprocessors that drive the new G5 run hot - so hot that the old cooling system was no longer adequate.

"You need something thatis more efficient than a traditional copper heat sink," said Tom Boger, Appleis senior director of desktop product marketing. Hence the cooling technique that seems better suited to a V8 than a PC.

The full article nicely outlines the concerns facing the makers of computer processors, and is an interesting read.