Hide Unwanted System Updates

Appleis Software Update application does a pretty good job of showing you only the updates that are appropriate for your Mac, but sometimes it shows updates that you donit really want. For example, if you donit have an iSight camera, or an iPod, thereis no need to see updates for those devices. Hereis how to hide the updates you donit want to see:

  • Choose Apple menu > Software Update.
  • Select the updates you want to hide from the update list.
  • Select Update > Ignore Update, and then click OK.

Hide the Mac OS X updates you donit want to see.

If your fortunes should change, and you finally get an iPod, youill want to see the related updates again. Hereis how:

  • Choose Apple menu > Software Update.
  • Select Software Update > Reset Ignored Updates.

Your hidden updates will show up again, ready to download.

This tip works only if there are Mac OS X or Apple application updates ready to download. If there arenit, Software Update will quit without letting you hide or reveal anything.

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